Look out, Dr. Phil!The skateboarder that the TV doc apparently hit with his car on Friday morning is now taking to Instagram with a far more serious — and aggressive — story than what was originally reported after the incident occurred in the Universal City area of El Lay.Related: Dr. Phil Sits Down With Sinead [...] ... > read more

It's not OK when done to a woman, and not OK when done to a man!Harry Styles was performing at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night when he went to the front of the stage to be with fans… and one overzealous fan up and grabbed his crotch in what others are now terming a [...] ... > read more

And another one comes out.So sickening.The Los Angeles Times published a bombshell report on Sunday morning that film director James Toback has allegedly been preying on young actresses for years — and more than 30 women have come forward in the story accusing the Oscar-nominated writer/director of sexual harassment.Related: Harvey Weinstein's Rehab Didn't Go So [...] ... > read more

It was a rough night in Albany, New York for rapper Cardi B.The star was staying at the Hilton Albany in the upstate New York city when, at around 1:00 a.m., other guests started complaining about a lot of noise coming from her room.The cops eventually got called to some sort of disturbance, Cardi B [...] ... > read more

The Kelly Family have been very popular in Germany for decades. The sibling group delivery folk-inspired pop songs.There's an earnestness to their music and a sonic similarity to country music here in America.Their latest release, Nanana, is one of the best of their career!!!You will be chanting along in the chorus!Check it out above!Then CLICK [...] ... > read more