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  Rings [Movies]
Reaching back into the blood-soaked past, this prequel to the two Ring horror epics delves into the dark origins of the lethal videotape that would soon give rise to an epidemic of mayhem and murder. ... > read more

In a world decimated by an epidemic, Ann is surviving alone in the forest when she encounters two other survivors: teenage Olivia and her stepfather, Chris. But after the three band together, growing suspicion and jealousy begin to strain their bond. ... > read more

Nicholas Heron, The University of Queensland When he was captured by the Fascist militia in December of 1943, Primo Levi (1919-1987) preferred to declare his status as an “Italian citizen of the Jewish race” than admit to the political activities of which he was suspected, which he supposed would have resulted in torture and certain death. As a Jew, he was consequently sent to a detention camp at Fossoli, which assembled all the various categories of persons no longer welcome in the recently established Fascist Republic. Two months later, following the inspection of a small squad of German ... > read more

At least one promoter of the Fyre Festival is owning up!After the luxury music fest became the biggest shit show of the year, a lot of attendees were pissed at the celeb spokespeople who helped promote it.Related: Ja Rule Responds To Backlash Over 'Scam' Fyre FestivalWhile Kendall and Kylie Jenner distract with displays of skin [...] ... > read more

Are Zayn Malik and his sexy legs OK??The Pillowtalk singer is apparently using a wheelchair to get around, as he was spotted being pushed into GF Gigi Hadid's building on Saturday. He wasn't wearing a cast but some kind of special sock on one foot. Related: To Add Insult To Injury… PartyNextDoor Just Deleted All [...] ... > read more